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Goals And Objectives
Tools for Torah will assist teachers in setting goals for their lessons.
1) Guided by the school’s curriculum in conjunction with the themes outlined by Tools for Torah, a teacher will identify essential concepts and skills to be taught.
2) Provided screening tools will help the teacher pinpoint the class' and individual students’ skill deficits such as in Hebrew language acquisition and provide additional reinforcement using Tools for Torah materials and programs.

Customize And Download
Teachers will access an online resource of
customizable teaching materials and ideas for study units, helping teachers present educational material to students of varying skills and interest. Teachers first establish a class’s learning profile. Then they are guided to recommended activities available on the site for download in print, audio, video, SmartBoard and computer games and applications.

By Teachers, For Teachers
The Tools for Torah Creative Teacher Team will develop these materials and activities. Participating schools and teachers will access these materials online. In addition, teachers will be able to create online lesson plans that can be customized by “dragging and dropping” desired materials and activities into their plans. All lesson plans will be archived, indexed and accessible to other teachers and schools.

In order to continually improve the quality of the existing units, all participating teachers will provide detailed feedback after teaching the unit.

The incorporation of a Learning Management System will help keep track of both the teacher's chosen curricula goals and students’ progress. Based on assessment results, teachers will generate individualized tutorials for the students. Students will login to access their individualized saved profiles, and the program will monitor and provide reinforcement tools to improve their knowledge and skill development.

Teachers World
As a virtual Community of Practice, Tools for Torah will tap into the knowledge and creativity of hundreds of other instructors. Educators and Teachers from participating schools will be compensated for contributing their time, skills, mentoring and leadership qualities in helping develp this program. Videos of instructors teaching master lessons will be available online. Teacher training will be offered. Live interactive lectures will be taught by experts, along with the teachers’ comments and discussion forum.

Teachers will enhance their Judaic Studies classes through fun games, exciting collaborative learning, thought-provoking discussion starters and innovative technology. Our online discussion boards covering a wide range of educational tips and topics from teachers' input and experience will be invaluable.

In Print
Tools for Torah will also offer customizable printed versions of its quality materials for schools and teachers to tailor to each class’ interest, along with the school name. Teachers will choose from the online teaching aids and materials, for Tools for Torah to print.