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 The Tools for Torah
Collaborative Teacher's Program
is on hold until further notice.
 Read about the program below:


TOOLS FOR TORAH:  a one-stop, dynamic resource for Jewish studies, where teachers and educators collaborate online, utilizing the latest in technology to create and share Judaic study aids and materials with other teachers,  schools and the rest of the world. 

TOOLS FOR TORAH: benefitting students of all ages, interests and learning styles, at school, home or on the go.

TOOLS FOR TORAH: providing students with the skills, motivation and excitement that will help them create a live connection to the Torah, and use it as a personal guide for life.

TOOLS FOR TORAH: guiding teachers to focus on the essential lessons of the Torah, while providing them with educational materials and ideas that hone skills in comprehension and understanding of the Torah.

What is unique about Tools for Torah?


1. Tools for Torah will explore the Torah as our inspiration for life, making Torah learning relevant, motivating and exciting, while bringing our history and rituals to life in hands-on programs and exciting projects, utilizing the latest available research and developments on the related topics.

2. Tools for Torah will provide high caliber, customizable educational tools and materials not curricular ideas to a broad audience and range of needs in a variety of languages. All the materials will be created by educators, for teachers, parents, students and lay people, guided by educational visionaries.

3. Tools for Torah will provide the tools for students of all ages to progress from basic Torah study skills through higher order thinking, encompassing a variety of learning styles and levels.

4. Tools for Torahs online program, projects and materials will continually improve based on ongoing collaboration, feedback and input from participating educators and subscribing members, from around the world.

Tools for Torah will initially focus on Torah/Chumash Studies, creating customizable Chumash unit materials making them available to pilot schools and subscribers as they are created. Once the Chumash program is launched, Tools for Torah will expand its focus to other areas of Judaic Studies.

15 pilot schools, 50 creative teachers and educators and scores of independent home-schoolers are involved in the program.


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RABBI CHAYIM B. ALEVSKY - Info@ToolsForTorah.Com - (203) 887 6044