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The Greatest Hits of Pesach
Now available for Download!

A Musical Journey Through the Passover Seder
Sung by Rabbi Chayim B. Alevsky

With the limited time available in Hebrew School or Shul, we find it difficult to teach the kids and our congregants all the Pesach songs and Tefilot. In response to this challenge, we’ve recorded “Pesach’s Greatest Hits” to be distributed to the families of our Hebrew School.

These pleasantly sung songs and Teffilot will help each child and congregant know the appropriate songs to join in at his/her Seder, or at your public one.

With introductions before each song, this full-color, professionally recorded CD will help you teach the songs of Pesach.

Pesach's Greatest Hits is also available
for immediate download!

CLICK HERE to SEE all the tracks on
Pesach's Greatest Hits. 

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to a Collage of the Pesach Songs

If you cannot hear the music,
RIGHT MOUSE CLICK on the above link
choose SAVE (Target) AS -
save the file to your computer and play it.


You can pay using any credit card.

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    You may share the download link with the members of your immidiate family and organization

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