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Chumash Workbooks in Print
Finally, the workbook your students will love. Your Chumash class will never be the same.
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Note: NEW versions of these CDs are in the making for the New Editions of MY SIDDUR.
There are 5 CDs:
Tefilah Trax 2
Bentching Trax 2
Friday Night
Shabbat Day
Holiday Trax
Stay tuned HERE for updates on their production and availablility.
Until then enjoy these classics!

The tracks on these CDs are matched to the original version on My Siddur - first edition.
Tefillah & Bentching Trax

Pesach's Greatest Hits & Tishrei Tunes

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 Tefila & Bentching Trax CDs SOLD OUT: Sponsors for future printings welcome. Audio Downloads available at the bottom of this page.
Please note that the Tefillah & Benching Trax CDs are chanted and sung in Sephardic / Israeli style Hebrew.
Tthe Ashkenazic style  Siddur is transliterated differently than the current CDs.
Ashkenazic style recordings are in the process of being made! They will be featured here when they are ready, G-d willing soon!


"My Siddur"!

READ about the various editions of My Siddur here.
See the Table of Contents and sample pages

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Tishrei, Chanukah, Pesach and PURIM! Text/
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The Chanukah book is available in 2 versions.
They are written in student friendly English, with the holiday related common Hebrew words written in:
1. [H] IHebrew תפלות...
שבת... חנוכה... פורים... פסח... ראש השנה  
2. [T] Transliterated into English (Tefilos, Shabbos, Rosh Hashnana, Pesach, Purim, Chanukah  etc.).
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Chumash Word List with Effective Learning System!
One-time cost of $18 gives you the licence
to make as many copies as you need for your class.

Over 400 of the most common words in Chumash Bereishis, with a fun, effective "Chavrusa" learning system for any age.

Music - Download
Books - Download
1. Tefilah Trax $10
1. Tishrei Guide $100
2. Bentching Trax $10 
2. Chanukah Guide $50
3. Tishrei Tunes $10
3. Pesach Guide: Full Version $100
4. Pesach's Greatest Hits $10 
4. Pesach Guide: Condensed $50
5. 8 Days, 8 Chanukah Hits $10
5. Purim Guide: $100

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